ARCHIVE: “To The End” Hotpress Review

Revelino To The End [Mercenary]

Remember that scene in Titanic where everyone is trying to get into the lifeboats except for one small band of musicians who continue to play on deck?

On the evidence of their third album, To The End, this was probably Revelino. Every track on this record documents endings – be they of relationships, lives or even centuries.

But though the lyrics may be grim, they are often powerful. Lead singer and primary songwriter Brendan Tallon uses his words sparingly and effectively, leavening each tale of woe with lines such as “not even stars breathe endlessly.”

As for the music, while traces of the Beatles are evident, the band harness influences from many eras. Tunes such as the poignant opener, ‘We Are Not Afraid’ utilise baroque-style strings which swell atmospherically over Tallon’s vocals. Meanwhile, ‘Conquistador’s anachronistic harpsichord and organ burst in brightly on the senses, both belying and complementing the singer’s lyrical unease.

Although Revelino always execute their material deftly, sometimes even brilliantly, the album suffers from a lack of compelling melodies. At their most basic level, the tunes are often variations on the same rhythmic structure and phrasing which the band’s musical and lyrical touches work furiously hard to disguise.

That said, while To The End’s ten songs are similar to one another, they are quite unlike anything else currently playing on contemporary radio.

Worthy of serious investigation.

Nadine O’Regan

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