“A slice of pure guitar heaven…marked by strident guitar riffs, sky-diving tunes and surfing melodies.” – Irish Times

“Languid swoon, serene intoxication…these songs are cosmic piledrivers. Happiness is Mine sounds exactly like the next potent classic which Radiohead should write.” – Melody Maker

“A masterclass in assimilating influences and stamping your personality on them. A muscular, compelling noise all of Revelino’s own; sometimes ragged and visceral, most usually utterly disarming. ‘Don’t Lead Me Down’ is heart-on-sleeve stuff of the highest order.” – Hot Press

“It’s your loss if you choose to ignore it, this is an album to beg, borrow or steal.” – In Dublin

“Happiness is Mine has the welcome and comforting familiarity of a hit single; instantly hummable and endlessly enjoyable.” – Evening Press

“One to soar to. An instantaneous hit with pop ditties lying easily alongside slower numbers that drip ecstasy & beauty. Essential listening.” – Dublin Event Guide

“There are countless moments on Revelino’s debut album when you realise you’re listening to a brilliant record. Superb songwriting.” – RTE Guide


Rarely have I heard a collection of songs that virtually bursts with hooks and intelligent lyrics.” – In Dublin

“Beautiful  harmony-laden confections with buzzing guitars.” – New York Times

“Lovers of plangent pop and Rickenbacker-slanted chimes should swoon.” – Q Magazine

“The band’s instinctive feel for pop-rock is still razor sharp as on ‘Radio Speaks’, ‘Step On High’ and Rollercoaster’, while the psychedelic swirl of the closing ‘Been & Gone’ is stunning.” – Event Guide

“The Byrds with Balls!” – RTE Guide

“Great hooks, beautiful harmonies and intelligent lyrics….They also have some of the greatest guitar solos in the world, and this from someone who despises guitar wanking with a vengeance.” – Hot Press

TO THE END (2001)

“Glorious tunes…superb.” – Irish Times

“A record that challenges you and provokes your emotions, like all great music.” – Event Guide

“A decidedly European Album…Intelligence, musical sophistication and a quiet assurance set Revelino above the norm.” – Evening Herald

“Revelino have created another great album. To The End is robustly brilliant…it leaves the listener with an undeniable feeling of optimism and power….the best they’ve ever been.” – Sunday Independent

“A troubled but majestic triumph.” – Muse


“Building up towers of melody only to kick them down…the triple-guitar mania of Revelino and their heavenly harmonies have tightened into coiled, humbucking assaults on the higher reaches of the brain.” – Irish Times.

“Revelino’s guitar driven pop sensibility has made them one of the best live acts in Ireland. ‘Happiness is Mine’ resonates like a multi-faceted diamond.” – Hot Press

“One of the most immediately loveable bands that you could ever hope to see.” – Cork Echo Downtown