ARCHIVE: Revelino – Tune In To the Following Broadcast.

Olivia Fox spoke to Bren and Brendan of Revelino on the eve of the release of Broadcaster. Revelino follow up their eponymously titled debut album with "Broadcaster" which is now available in a record store near you. "Broadcaster "was due for release in early spring, but delays were inevitable given the problems of constructing a [...]

ARCHIVE: “Revolution No.3” Hotpress

By: Colm O'Hare COLM O'HARE discovers that REVELINO, far from fading away, have recorded their most assured album yet in to the end. Less than five years ago Dublin outfit Revelino were being tipped for greater things. Their eponymously titled debut album, released in 1995 bristled with three-minute, harmony drenched pop gems such as the Beatlesque [...]

ARCHIVE: “I used to be a rock star”

Sat, Jun 12, 2004, 01:00     WILD YEARS: Old rockers never die, they just reinvent themselves. Tony Clayton-Lea catches up with some luminaries of the Irish music scene from the 1980s and 1990s. BREN BERRY Then: singer/guitarist in Revelino, one of the few genuine contender Irish rock bands of the 1990s. The band released their third and best album, [...]

ARCHIVE: “Tallon Will Prevail” Hotpress 1994

Hotpress MUSICNov 1994Tallon Will PrevailBY: PATRICK BRENNAN Brendan Tallon, guitarist and singer with No Disco darlings Revelino, talks to Patrick Brennan about his early struggle with the music biz that stopped his previous incarnation, The Coletranes, dead in its tracks, and the creative process behind the craft of song-writing that makes his new album, Revelino, [...]