Ennio (unreleased outtake)

Revelino · Ennio (unreleased outtake) For the sad day that’s in it….this is ENNIO, an unreleased outtake from our first album and tribute to the great man who was a huge influence on us. #RIPEnnioMorricone Thanks to @JoeChester_ for baking and transferring the master tapes and to @ronanmchugh for mixing it so quickly for us [...]

Solitude Sounds: Revelino – Revelino – Album Review

BY NO MORE WORKHORSE ON APRIL 2, 2020  Solitude Sounds: Revelino – Revelino – Album Reviewby Killian Laher Revelino were a Dublin based band active in the 90s and early noughties.  Several of the members had been in the Coltranes, including singer Brendan Tallon, a former Bohemians footballer.  This self-titled album was their debut, released in 1994. Opening [...]

HOTPRESS: Revelino (47/100 Greatest Irish Albums)

UNCATEGORIZE - 11 NOV 04 BY: HOTPRESS Emerging almost from nowhere— no disrespect intended to their previous incarnation, The Coletranes— Revelino gave, on their 1994 debut, a masterclass in assimilating influences and stamping your personality on them. It may have been the much-missed cultural glue of Dineen-period No Disco that made ‘Happiness Is Mine’ a hit [...]


Culture - 20 Mar 01 By: Helena Mulkerns There was a significant Irish presence at the recent Intel festival in New York an event which was broadcast worldwide via the Internet. Report: helena mulkerns. THE FINAL frontier, it s been called, that great madhouse of attempted world domination, environmental destruction and end-of-the-world excess. I refer, of [...]