ARCHIVE: Revelino – Tune In To the Following Broadcast.

Olivia Fox spoke to Bren and Brendan of Revelino on the eve of the release of Broadcaster. Revelino follow up their eponymously titled debut album with "Broadcaster" which is now available in a record store near you. "Broadcaster "was due for release in early spring, but delays were inevitable given the problems of constructing a [...]

ARCHIVE: Irish Times review “Broadcaster” LP

Revelino: "Broadcaster" Fri, Nov 15, 1996 - Kevin Courteney, Irish Times Dirt, DIRTY CD10 (50 mins) Dial-a-track code: 1641 Dublin guitar giants Revelino release their sophomore album, signalling their avowed intent to broadcast to a wider audience. Songs like Radio Speaks, Step On High and Rollercoaster have that Fender bending edge, but there's an added [...]