HOTPRESS: Revelino (47/100 Greatest Irish Albums)

UNCATEGORIZE - 11 NOV 04 BY: HOTPRESS Emerging almost from nowhere— no disrespect intended to their previous incarnation, The Coletranes— Revelino gave, on their 1994 debut, a masterclass in assimilating influences and stamping your personality on them. It may have been the much-missed cultural glue of Dineen-period No Disco that made ‘Happiness Is Mine’ a hit [...]


Culture - 20 Mar 01 By: Helena Mulkerns There was a significant Irish presence at the recent Intel festival in New York an event which was broadcast worldwide via the Internet. Report: helena mulkerns. THE FINAL frontier, it s been called, that great madhouse of attempted world domination, environmental destruction and end-of-the-world excess. I refer, of [...]

ARCHIVE: “Beer Today, Gone Tomorrow” Hotpress

Culture - 20 Mar 01 - By: Catherine Doherty Catherine Doherty clambers aboard the Heineken Rollercoaster and joins Revelino, The Nude, Mesner, and Abbaesque for a crazy white-knuckle ride into deepest Munster. What a head melt. Never in the name of entertainment have so few been so diverse for so much Heineken. Where else on earth [...]

ARCHIVE: “Revolution No.3” Hotpress

By: Colm O'Hare COLM O'HARE discovers that REVELINO, far from fading away, have recorded their most assured album yet in to the end. Less than five years ago Dublin outfit Revelino were being tipped for greater things. Their eponymously titled debut album, released in 1995 bristled with three-minute, harmony drenched pop gems such as the Beatlesque [...]

ARCHIVE: “To The End” Hotpress Review

22 Apr 01 By: Nadine O Regan Revelino To The End [Mercenary] Remember that scene in Titanic where everyone is trying to get into the lifeboats except for one small band of musicians who continue to play on deck? On the evidence of their third album, To The End, this was probably Revelino. Every track on [...]