Interview with Brendan Tallon – Revelino – Part 2

No More Workhorse

Interview with Brendan Tallon – Revelino – Part 2

No More Workhorse had a chat with Brendan Tallon, of Revelino about the reissue of their debut album.  You can read what we thought about the album here.

Were you and the band listening to much music at the time?  What would you say were the influences on the album?

Personally, I was listening to The Beatles mostly.  Of course, there was lots of other stuff we would play in the van on the way to gigs and living together in the house we would listen to all kinds of stuff.  We had a broad taste in music between the 5 of us but around then we were listening to Television, Sonic Youth, Echo & The Bunnymen, Teenage Fanclub, The Long Riders, The La’s, The Flying Burrito Brothers, Frank Black, plus a lot of punk & post-punk.  We were also listening…

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